AIRTAME / HDMI DONGLE____ Industrial Design, User Experience, CMF -
Phosphor is a dynamic and award-winning product strategy and design studio from Munich, Germany.
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Wireless HDMI Dongle


About This Project

AIRTAME is an HDMI dongle that lets you stream your computer screen to any TV, projector or monitor – wirelessly. You can duplicate your screen, extend your desktop or duplicate to multiple screens at the same time.

The Airtame is an HDMI dongle for the wireless transfer of visual and acoustic content to TVs, beamers or monitors in full HD. Content can be duplicated to other screens any number of times and shared simultaneously with other users. The HDMI dongle is small, lightweight and easily connected.

The pleasantly soft, ergonomic form and the matted surface accentuate the elegant design of the adapter. The tapered upper half leaves ample space for connecting further adapters to neighbouring slots.

It works with Mac, Windows & Linux.


Statement by the jury:
»The Airtame is an intelligent solution for uncomplicated sharing of screen content.
Its friendly design promises easy handling. «