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Phosphor is a dynamic and award-winning product strategy and design studio from Munich, Germany.
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The Industrial Design team at Siemens approached us to work on their new Industrial Laptop range, focusing on a more consumer-like design direction together with a new hardware architecture.


Siemens goal was to expand their market share in the industrial sector by giving their highly specialized laptops an integral refresh without losing some of their main features regarding user experience, hardware & durability requirements.

The need to maintain customized industrial components and connectors was a big challenge to create a modern laptop design, where size is the overall benchmark for novelty.


With the insights from the conducted research and direct feedback from their users we challenged the status quos of features and the overall hardware architecture.

A special focus was put on the hinge structure and the carry-on handle. According to many users, the fixed handle was not of much relevance to them. Still, in some cases, the handle is useful, when carrying the laptop and other work material safely. Therefore, we designed a handle that, depending on the users’ needs, can be easily added or left out when not needed.

Aimed at the European market and the new consumer base, the concept features a dynamic silhouette with refined details and an updated material and color scheme to enforce its professional look & feel.